Hoppin’ Against Homophobia and Transphobia

Andi Marquette

AND WE HAVE A WINNER of a $25 Amazon gift card and a copy of 1 of my books! Lisa W, come on down! YEEE-HA!!!! (Lisa, if you do not have an email message from me, check your spam filter)

Thanks, everyone, for stopping by. Thanks for the comments and thanks to those authors who participated in this hop. Happy reading, happy writing.

Hi, peeps. And hello, newcomers. Thanks for joining me today, which is the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

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I agreed to join in the (Blog) Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia, which is going on from May 17-27 on various blogs. I hope you’ll go and check out the others, too, to get an array of perspectives on this very important topic (and also to join in on some prize-winnin’!).

This day (commonly acronymed as IDAHO) was launched in 2004. It’s always on May…

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İçki mi içiyorsun?  Men-i Müskirat … Reyhanlı haberlerini mi seyrediyorsun? Men-i Neşriyat … Uludere’de yaşananlar? Men-i Mukadderat … Deniz Feneri soruşturması ne durumda?Men-i Tahkikat … Türk Halkı Gerçekleri bilsin mi? Men-i Hakikat … Savunmaya 2 saat yeter mi? Men-i Teferruat … 23 Nisan, 19 Mayıs, 30 Ağustos, 29 Ekim kutlansın mı? Men-i Maneviyat … Kutlayanlara biber Gazı Yerine su sıkılsın mı? Men-i Muhteviyat … 8 YILLIK Kesintisiz Eğitim Devam etse miydi? Men-i Tahribat … Avrupa parlamentosu, CeHePe’yi dinlesin mi? Men-i Teşrifat … Eğitimde okul kıyafeti giyilsin mi? Men-i Mefruşat … Milli İçki, ayran olsun mu? Men-i Meşrubat … İstanbul’a Kanal Projesi uygulansın mı? Men-i Hafriyat … Atatürk Hava Limanı Yerinde dursun mu? Men-i Müştemilat … Silahlı milislerden Kuvvetler sınır Güvenliği sağlasın mı? Men-i Tatbikat … PeKeKe’nin çekilmesi? Men-i Nakliyat … Kendi fasulyeni mi yetiştiriyorsun? Men-i Bakliyat … Kendi sebzeni mi yetiştiriyorsun? Men-i zerzevat … Bunların çoğu yerin epey uygulamasını Görebilir misin ?Men-i Mevzuat … Erkekler. Erkekler .. Erkekler … Erkekler diyeyim de sen ORADA dur ..Desene Kısaca Mendebur

Did you catch this?

Women and Words

Hey, all–

Liz McMullen is having continual awesome on her show.

D. Jordan Redhawk joined her recently. And if you want more skinny on D. Jordan, catch her HERE.
Episode 23 D Jordan Redhawk

And on Lizzie’s Bedtime Stories, Clifford Henderson stopped by! You can find out more about Cliffi at her site, too. Click HERE.

And don’t forget the Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia! It’ll be going on until May 27th, with almost 200 authors participating and giving away swag. My post [Andi’s] is HERE, and I’m doing a givewaway my own self ($25 Amazon gift card plus a copy of 1 of my books).

To see more of the blogs involved, check out the blog hop’s main link.

So, lots to see and do. Happy weekend!

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Customizing Comet: Beau and Arrow Events

The WordPress.com Blog

Who doesn’t love “Before and After” home improvement shots? It’s always amazing to see how just a couple of changes, like a coat of paint or a quick do-it-yourself project, can transform a living space dramatically. It’s no different when it comes to WordPress.com blog themes, in which a little customization can go a long way.

Today let’s take a look at Beau and Arrow Events, a wedding inspiration blog run by Ellen and Kate, two San Diego-based event planners. You’d never know that this chic blogazine is running on Comet, one of our sparest themes.


Here’s how the bloggers behind Beau and Arrow Events transformed grayscale Comet into cursive and gold elegance. It’s nothing any intrepid blogger couldn’t try at home!

A cohesive color scheme

bandaLike any well-planned wedding, Beau and Arrow Events picked a handful of theme colors and stuck to them. In this case, blush…

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A Conversation with Jane Fletcher and Nora Olsen

Women and Words

Swans & Klons 300 DPIimages

Congratulations to Vera! She is the winner of Swans & Klons. Good luck to everyone else in the next drawing.

Check it out! Nora Olsen and Jane Flecher stopped by to share part three of their conversation on speculative fiction. And, as an extra bonus, Nora is giving away a copy of Swans & Klons! Winner’s choice between a signed paperback or ebook! Want to enter? Leave a comment in the box and I’ll post the winner on Friday, 5/24/13.

Jane Fletcher and Nora Olsen began their conversation at the Bold Strokes Books Authors Blog on May 14 and continued it at UK Lesbian Fiction. Here is the final installment!

Jane Fletcher: Can you remember what got you into the speculative fiction genre? Was it a book, a story, an particular author?

Nora Olsen: Honestly, I think a lot of classic (pre-1970s) children’s books could be classified as spec…

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