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Merhaba, Balıkesir ve Bursa benim memleketim. Manyas'ta doğdum. Çok meraklıyım. Tanışacak çok güzellikler ve tadılacak mutluluklar olduğuna inanıyorum. İnsanları,dünyayı,yaşamayı seviyorum.Güzellilerden etkileniyorum.

DİREN TÜRKİYE 3-Kaldırım Taşları

DİREN TÜRKİYE 3-Kaldırım Taşları.


On top of the city

Androgyn.beauty's Blog

A rainy day, in February, on the rooftop of Madrid… this is my “don’t worry” red top combined with a black simple peplum skirt. The weather was cold and windy so I took rapidly the photos and then went home to warm up with a hot tea 🙂

Un día de lluvia, en febrero, en el techo de Madrid … esta es mi “don’t worry” (no te preocupes) camiseta roja que le combinaba con una falda peplum negra simple. Hacía frío y era un día ventoso, así que tomé rápidamente las fotos y luego llegué a mi casa para calentarme con un té 🙂

21febter 020

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BurLesKAS 2013


Androgyn.beauty's Blog

Gran Canary Island
4-12 of May 2013

There is no much time left until the Pride of Maspalomas and the Only For Women party will open for you.

… Join Friday, 10 of May, the 3rd edition of BURLESKAS – Dance Session Club, the GREATEST only for girls party of Canary Islands, during the Pride of Maspalomas 2013! The BurLesKAS dance party will take place in a special ambient (Sala Ozono of the IFABUENAVENTURA HOTEL), the dress-code is ‘burlesque’ and the gold triplet: Laura ROJO (resident dj), Nuria SCARP (BCN) and Becky PERRY (U.K.) alongside the best djs of the Canary Islands, will provide the best sound of the moment (house, deep, techno house and commercial) to pump up the party all night long!

This year don’t miss the best booking offers (Girls & Friends LGBT + H) for the Pride…

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Memorial Day

Andi Marquette

Hi, kids. I blogged some resources and organizations over at Women and Words to donate to on this Memorial Day. Find that here.

Commemorate those veterans who are lost, remember their families, and let’s also help our veterans still with us, and their families, as well.

The Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia ends today. Thanks to all who participated, and thanks to all the readers who came by. I’ll be picking a winner tonight and notifying said winner within 30 minutes of the 9 PM EST drawing and I’ll post that winner’s name (the handle he or she left on the comment) on the blog I did for the hop.

Hope everyone had a safe weekend, and to those of you who serve or have served, thank you. To those families who have lost someone in service in our armed forces, our thoughts are with you and many of…

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Pride of Maspalomas – The Parade

Androgyn.beauty's Blog

Saturday, 11th of May, Avenida de Tirajana, Maspalomas: the main parade of the Pride of Maspalomas. Here I have some photos from the begin, but unfortunately my camera’s batteries went off, so I couldn’t shoot more, but you must see the videos in the head of the post. Enjoy!

Sábado, 11 de mayo, en la Avenida de Tirajana, Maspalomas: el principal desfile del Pride de Maspalomas. Aquí os dejo unas fotos de el inicio, pero por desgracia las baterías de mi cámara se han descargado, así que no podía sacar más fotos, pero hay que ver los videos en el principio del post. ¡Disfrute!

pride maspalomas plata 859

pride maspalomas plata 861

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Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight.

whiny baby

A few days ago, I confessed that I don’t have favorites, but that might have been a little bit of an exaggeration.  I have some favorites, and they include Before Sunrise


and Before Sunset:



These movies, starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, focus on the relationship between Jesse and Celine, two 23-year-old strangers who meet on a train to Vienna in Before Sunrise, which was released in 1995.  Then, nine years later in 2004, Before Sunset catches up with them, when they are both 32.  Before Midnight, which came out in theaters on Friday, finds them in 2013, at age 41.  And it is fantastic.  Beautiful, bittersweet, emotional, universal.  I’ve loved this series since I was in high school and I was nervous that a third movie wouldn’t live up to the beauty of the first two.

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(I’ve been known to be wrong.  Occasionally.)

You should all…

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